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Professional development to support your teaching

There are three levels at which you may achieve certification in the CIRTL@UIC professional development program: CIRTL Associate, CIRTL Practitioner, and CIRTL Scholar. Each level has unique learning outcomes:

  • Associate: Recognizes the role of the CIRTL core ideas in effective teaching and learning
  • Practitioner: Addresses scholarly teaching using the CIRTL core ideas to demonstrably improve learning of students by completing a teaching-as-research (TAR) project
  • Scholar: Advances teaching and learning by analyzing and making the results of a TAR project public

We welcome learning community members from a wide variety of disciplines, teaching development needs, and past instructional experiences to engage in professional development opportunities towards achievement of a CIRTL certificate at any of these three levels.

The curriculum is flexible and can be tailored to meet the interests and time available to different participants. You can learn more about the the pathways by which to achieve CIRTL certification here. If there are courses or workshops that you complete that are not on the list but you think may align with the CIRTL core ideas, please contact the CIRTL@UIC Program Director.

UIC community members participating in professional development activities supporting teaching and learning starting fall 2020 are eligible to start the CIRTL certification process.  Please reach out to the CIRTL@UIC Program Director to start documenting your participation and exploring ways to continue your engagement in CIRTL@UIC.