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Engagement Pathways

How do I get certified as a CIRTL Associate, Practitioner, or Scholar? Heading link

There are a variety of ways for participants to move through the professional development pathway to achieve certification as a CIRTL Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar. Please work with the CIRTL@UIC Program Director to document your participation and receive an official certificate in recognition of your accomplishments.

UIC community members participating in professional development activities supporting teaching and learning starting fall 2020 are eligible to start the CIRTL certification process.

CIRTL certification pathways Heading link

Suggested options for participating in professional development opportunities both online via the CIRTL network and in-person here at UIC are provided for each CIRTL certification level.  There is flexibility in both the order in which courses may be taken and in the types of courses or workshops that count towards achievement of the various levels of certification. Please consult with the CIRTL@UIC Program Director who can help you plan your progression through the professional learning activities at a level of engagement that aligns with your interests and time available to dedicate to teaching development.

CIRTL@UIC Associate Heading link

  • Completion of at least 40 hours of CIRTL-approved professional development programming
  • Suggested curriculum pathway
    • Complete ONE of the following courses:
    • And TWO additional courses from the following:
      • CIRTL Network online courses including: Diversity in the College Classroom, Teaching with Technology, Advancing Learning through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching (MOOC), Basics of Online Learning and Teaching, and Transforming Your Research Into Teaching.
      • Courses from the Foundations of College Instruction Series:
        • GC 592: Foundations of College Instruction
        • GC 593: Developing Scholarly Approaches to Teaching
        • GC 594: Principles and Practices in College Course Design
      • Departmental teaching courses from this list
      • The UIC Entering Mentoring Training program
    • Write and submit a draft of your teaching statement
      • CIRTL@UIC and the CIRTL network offer online workshops such as Writing an Effective Teaching Philosophy Statement to help participants get started by exploring the basic elements of effective teaching statements and learning how to provide evidence of teaching experience tailored for different academic jobs.

CIRTL@UIC Practitioner Heading link

  • Having met the requirements for CIRTL Associate**, completion of the design, refinement, and implementation of a teaching-as-research (TAR) project
  • Suggested curriculum pathway
    • Complete either the second course of the Foundations in College Instruction series, GC 593: Developing Scholarly Approaches to Teaching, or the CIRTL online course Planning Your Teaching-as-Research Project
    • Identify your TAR project mentor (i.e. someone affiliated with the course in which you will implement the project)
    • Present your TAR project proposal for feedback and revision
    • Implement your TAR project in an authentic instructional context (e.g., a class you are teaching as a TA or an instructor, a guest lecture for a course taught by your TAR project mentor)
      • For course credit, this can be done through enrollment in a Teaching-as-Research implementation course which is expected to be offered beginning in Spring 2023.
      • Formal course credit is not necessary, however, to implement a TAR project. See the CIRTL@UIC Program Director for other options in which to document your participation.
    • Engage consistently with campus learning communities to discuss and reflect on teaching.

** Participants may start a TAR project prior to completing all training requirements for the CIRTL Associate level. The minimum requisite for participating in either the in-person or online TAR course is completion of Foundations of College Instruction (GC 592) or the CIRTL MOOC, An Introduction to Evidence-based Undergraduate STEM Teaching. Engagement in other courses required for certification at the Associate level may be done at any time before or after TAR project implementation but must be completed before a certificate at the Practitioner or Scholar levels can be awarded.

CIRTL@UIC Scholar Heading link

  • Having met the requirements for CIRTL Practitioner, completion of a formal presentation of TAR project outcomes as contribution to broader educational community at UIC and the CIRTL network
  • Suggested curriculum pathway
    • Analyze student and/or course data collected as a result of implementing your TAR project
    • Present a talk/seminar or a poster at a local learning community meeting, regional/national conference, or online CIRTL network forum (as approved in advance by the CIRTL@UIC Program Director)
    • Refine and resubmit the draft of your teaching statement
    • Recommended: Participate in career development workshops either on campus or online via the CIRTL network.