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CIRTL participants learn teaching skills, practice instructional techniques, and engage in professional development opportunities that prepare graduate students and postdoctoral scholars trainees for careers both inside and outside the academy.

Nationally recognized, CIRTL certifications demonstrate to future employers that participants are prepared to hit the ground running with teaching.

Develop Teaching Skills Heading link

CIRTL participants will develop knowledge of learning theory, evidence-based practices, and inclusive strategies for teaching and the skills to apply their knowledge.

The knowledge and skills for high-impact teaching will prepare participants for their responsibilities as teaching assistants, course instructors, and future faculty members.

I’ve never thought that being a well-rounded scholar was going to happen for me if I just focused on teaching, or just focused on research. I really wanted to have it all, but I did not know how to make that happen until CIRTL stood in that gap for me.

Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences

Prepare for the Job Market Heading link

By engaging in programming and earning CIRTL certifications, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars will be able to develop materials and skills they can use on their job search.

Opportunities include developing teaching statements and preparing teaching demos for job interviews, creating inclusive course materials, and developing teaching-as-research projects.

In these videos, hear CIRTL alumni reflect on how CIRTL shaped their interests,  skills, and career paths as teaching faculty, academic and research staff, and outside of academia.

Engage in Networking Opportunities with other CIRTL Institutions Heading link

Through CIRTL programming, including event series highlighting careers in community colleges and HBCU’s, cross-institution courses, and the CIRTL Alumni network, participants can learn about other institutions and potential career paths.

They also benefit by connecting with and learning from other graduate students, postdocs, and faculty across the CIRTL Network through interdisciplinary learning communities.

In these videos, learn what it is like to teach at different types of institutions and how to effectively use LinkedIn to network.

CIRTL really shapes my ongoing perspective as a teacher. I’m constantly reaching out to resources within the network, friends and teachers, mentors that I met for support, but also those ideas and just that habit formed of thinking about our teaching, as research, trying new things, trying to make a difference. CIRTL really set that up for me.

Associate Professor of Psychology

CIRTL Certification Heading link

Map of US and Canada with colorful dots indicating locations of CIRTL Network member institutions

CIRTL certifications are recognized and valued by numerous colleges and universities across the US, including the 40+ member institutions of the CIRTL Network.

A CIRTL certification is a concrete achievement participants can add to their CV and leverage on the job market.

I think that one thing that set me apart when my institution was looking to hire was the fact that I had done the local CIRTL program as a graduate student and I had a teaching certification.

Associate Professor of Astrophysics