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UIC Programming

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Together with CATE we host a variety of workshops and gatherings to create a space for UIC educators to continue their learning about evidence-based teaching practices and to build community.

Learn more about the most common types of events we host on this page and visit our events page or subscribe to our newsletter to find out about upcoming events and registration information.


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Interactive Workshops Heading link

We regularly offer workshops grounded in scholarly research with pragmatic strategies, focusing on timely issues, interspersed with active engagement to enhance the teaching and learning experience of UIC instructors and students. We also offer professional development workshops to support graduate students and postdocs with their career advancement. CIRTL participants can also attend CATE Teaching Tidbits workshops Speaker Series events, and more.

Past workshops include:

  • Supporting Neurodivergent Students

    These workshops provide a helpful introduction to neurodiversity and the experiences of students with neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. Participants collaborate to develop changes to their teaching to better support and include neurodivergent students.

  • Teaching Statement Workshops

    Our workshops guide attendees through the creation and revision of their teaching statements for the job market. Participants are given opportunities to reflect on their teaching philosophy, to generate examples from their experiences, and to develop a cogent and compelling statement.

  • Teaching Tidbits

    Join CATE facilitators for 60 -120 min online and in-person interactive workshops. These span a number of topics such as inclusive teaching, active learning and student engagement, teaching with technology, and curriculum design.

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Reading Groups Heading link

Each semester, CIRTL@UIC offers a 4 to 6 week reading group on contemporary topics in teaching and learning. This informal discussion community is an opportunity to be introduced to research on teaching and learning in across disciplines and to discuss articles and books with CIRTL@UIC staff, other graduate students, and postdocs, faculty, and academic and research staff. Each session will also help you consider how you can consider questions and apply new strategies to inform your own teaching practices.

Fall 2023 Reading Group Heading link

Book Cover: Trauma-Informed Pedagogies: A Guide for Responding to Crisis and Inequality in Education, white text on black background with blurred lights in orange, blue, and white

Trauma-Informed Pedagogies Reading Group

Join us Wednesdays, October 4th-November 1st from 1 PM-2PM CT for this 5-week reading and discussion group on Trauma-Informed Teaching. Trauma-informed pedagogies aim to reduce barriers of access for students who have experienced past trauma through compassionate and flexible course design and with the aim of creating cultures of well-being and belonging in classroom spaces. Each week we will read and discuss a chapter from Trauma-Informed Pedagogies: A Guide for Responding to Crisis and Inequality in Higher Education, making connections with our own teaching experiences and thinking through ways we might apply these insights in our own classrooms.

Attendance and Materials: You are encouraged, but not required, to attend all sessions. Register for all sessions you think you might attend. Trauma-Informed Pedagogies: A Guide for Responding to Crisis and Inequality in Higher Education is available online through the UIC Library, or physical copies can be ordered through the publisher’s website or major book retailers. You can also visit this page for the weekly reading list including key topics and discussion prompts, and view this list of upcoming readings:

October 4th: Chapter 1: “Developing a New Default in Higher Education: We Are Not Alone in This Work,” p. 1-6 (stop at Origins and Aims), “Hope Matters,” Mays Imad, and “Hope Still Matters,” Mays Imad

October 11th: Chapter 2: “Centering Equity: Trauma-Informed Principles and Feminist Practice” p. 15-33

October 18th: Chapter 3: “Our Brains, Emotions, and Learning: Eight Principles of Trauma-Informed Teaching,” p. 35-47

October 25th: Chapter 15: “An Educator’s Scope of Practice: How Do I Know What’s Mine?,” p. 175-185

November 1st: Chapter 17: “What Are We Centering? Developing a Trauma-Informed Syllabus”

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Learn more about past reading groups below: